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If the measurement of volume DRE - Dense Rock Equivalent - is applied, a VEI 7 eruption falls into the interval between 100 and 999 cubic kilometres of erupted material whereas in a VEI 8 eruption, between 1,000 and 9,999 cubic km DRE is erupted Yes, but not on earth. On Jupiter's moon Io, there is a massive hypervolcano whose frequent eruptions are about 5 times more powerful than the Yellowstone Supervolcano The first images of Io from the Voyager spacecraft were dramatic indeed, showing a surface with reds, browns and yellows in patterns which reminded one observer of a.

It can create the largest volcano eruption possible (if you exclude the io hyper eruption) this volcano can cause a 100-year long global winter from 1 eruption

Le volcanisme sur Io, un des satellites de Jupiter, produit trois principaux types d'éruptions. Pouvant provenir d'une fosse volcanique (appelée patera ), certaines coulées de lave , basaltiques , courent sur des dizaines et parfois même des centaines de kilomètres The images aren't hyper-detailed since Juno was about 190,000 miles (300,000 kilometers) from Io at the time. The plume stands out thanks to its size. The ground is already in shadow, but the. Researchers Find New Type of Volcanic Eruption on Jupiter's Moon Io. It's the first time anyone's seen a Stromboli-like eruption beyond Earth volcanic eruption is magnitudes more powerful than a nuclear explosion. But also undirected and diffuse. The manhole cover worked like a cork in a bottle where the cork is a manhole cover and the bottle is an underground nuclear explosion trapped by a manhole cover In addition, modeling of silicate lava flows on Io suggested that they cooled rapidly, causing their thermal emission to be dominated by lower temperature components, such as solidified flows, as opposed to the small areas covered by still molten lava near the actual eruption temperature

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Jupiter's moon Io is covered with hundreds of active volcanoes that erupt from vast plains like Loki Patera seen here by NASA's Voyager 1 probe in March 1979 Il vulcanismo su Io si esprime attraverso l'emissione di flussi di lava e pennacchi di zolfo e anidride solforosa che si alzano per centinaia di chilometri dai. Vulkanismus na Io, měsíci Jupitera, způsobuje aktivita četných sopek vytvářejících lávové proudy, které vyvrhují síru a oxid siřičitý do atmosféry měsíce. Tuto vulkanickou činnost objevila v roce 1979 sonda Voyager 1

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  1. Antes de que la sonda Voyager 1 pasara sobre Ío el 5 de marzo de 1979, se creía que era un satélite geológicamente muerto como la Luna terrestre
  2. Las recientes observaciones de Io, luna de Júpiter, han puesto de manifiesto una enorme erupción volcánica que ha tenido lugar a 628.3000.000 km de la Tierra
  3. Hypereruption How to spell . The word above Hypereruption is the correct spelling for the word. It is very easy to misspell a word like Hypereruption, therefore you.
  4. Apr 20, 2018 · Mount Io spewed smoke and ash high into the sky Thursday in its first eruption since 1768. Japan's Meteorological Agency on Friday expanded a no-go zone to the entire mountain from previously.

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  1. The VEI uses several factors to assign a number, including volume of erupted pyroclastic material (for example, ashfall, pyroclastic flows, and other ejecta), height of eruption column, duration in hours, and qualitative descriptive terms
  2. The 79 AD eruption is one of the most well-known ancient eruptions in the world, and may have killed more than 16,000 people. Ash, mud and rocks from this eruption buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum
  3. Mars might not be erupting, but it looks like Jupiter's moon Io sure is. NASA's Juno spacecraft saw evidence of an eruption on what the space agency calls the most.

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  1. The Krakatoa eruption of 1883 has caused between 36.000 and 120.000 deaths by the eruptions themselves and the following tsunamis - and that was only a VEI 6. Now we'll assume a scenario similar to Krakatoa, an island volcano in Indonesia blowing apart with VEI 9 force
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  3. Io has hundreds of volcanoes, many of which are active. It is one of the most volcanically active bodies in the Solar System. Io is heated up by the strong.
  4. Jupiter's moon Io is the most volcanically active body in our solar system, so it's not a shock that astronomers captured several eruptions while their telescopes were trained on the satellite

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