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  1. ary listing of all the lenses Chiyoda Kogaku and Minolta have sold in the SR Mount for.
  2. The Minolta A-mount camera system was a line of photographic equipment from Minolta. The system used a lens mount called A-mount, with a flange focal distance 44.50 mm
  3. Leitz and Leica Lens Compendium and Leica Serial Numbers (a work in progress
  4. free of charge, and enter the fascinating world of Konica Minolta photography
  5. View and Download Minolta Dimage Z1 instruction manual online. Minolta Digital Camera Instruction Manual. Dimage Z1 Digital Camera pdf manual download

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- minor surface wear and scuffs; Maxxum 400si missing lens and has broken strap A single-lens reflex camera (SLR) is a camera that typically uses a mirror and prism system (hence reflex from the mirror's reflection) that permits the. CameraQuest Home Shopping Cart Price List Camera Articles I Buy / Wants Repairs Books Adapters. CameraQuest's Classic Camera Profile This section contains over 70 still cameras from A to Z (Agfa to Zeiss Ikon) using 35mm film but not having single lens reflex viewing and focusing Argus | Canon | Chinon | Edixa | Exakta | Kodak | Konica | Mamiya | Minolta | Miranda | Nikon | Olympus | Pentacon | Pentax | Petri | Praktica | Ricoh | Topcon.

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Leica R SLR Mount Lenses . Wide-Angle Lenses. The only wide-angle R lens that I have is the first generation 35mm f/2.8 Elmarit-R, which was originally released in. Please note: only the Canon's that featured the universal 39mm Leica screw mount are listed. Older models are far less common and featured non-standard lens mounts The serial number on Soligor lenses makes it possible to derive the manufacturer of the lens, as well as the year of production. In particular, the first one to.

The Type 015 Retina Ia serial number ? 712xxx - can't make out the complete serial number in your image - was manufactured April of 1953 If you are going to send me a camera, please put something in the box telling me who it is from and what is the problem. Write down your serial number In 1902, Harting filed another patent for an updated of the Heliar lens. This version Heliar, as shown below, is no longer symmetrical in design Minolta ultimately released six viewfinders ('finders') for the X-1/XM/XK, of which three incorporated a metering circuit, and three were unmetered Lens Repair Articles: Here is the core of my blog. I intend to have the most comprehensive database found on the internet for everything related to the repair of.


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The Bronica S2, is a 6×6 focal plane SLR released by Bronica in 1965, is the successor of the Bronica S. From 1972 it was overshadowed by the Bronica EC, but. The first series of Asahi lenses were named Takumar. With the Asahi Pentax came 3 standard lenses, 55/2,2 , 58/2,4 and 58/2 , of which the 55 was the more common There was a problem adding this item to Cart. Please try again later The Sony A7R III is the best mirrorless camera ever introduced for consumer photography. It's super easy to shoot, with clairvoyant autofocus and exposure that makes. Leitz - Although the company origins trace back to 1849, the real history of Leica cameras began when Oscar Barnack appeared at the Ernst Leit

The Nikon L35AF-2 QD was an upgrade from the original Nikon AF L35. It has its distinctive texture on the grip as well as the front section which can be easily. Return Your Defective Product: Enter your information below. Required fields are preceded by a red asterisk *. Please enter your agreement number and click the. 全国商工会議所観光振興大会2017in前橋(11/9-11) 全国商工会議所観光振興大会は、日本商工会議所が地域活性化を目的として. MINOLTA LENS MADE IN JAPAN MC TELE ROKKOR-X PF 1:2.8 f=135mm 1234567. Lenses with 52mm filter thread became 55mm and now the standard MINOLTA LENS MADE IN JAPAN MD TELE ROKKOR-X 1:2.8 f=135mm. The serial number was no longer present on the front ring, it was.. jeffcpix • Senior Member • Posts: 1,707. Minolta lens serial number data base? Apr 30, 2016. For instance, I have a 17-35G with the blue/green coating. It came with a Konica/Minolta lens cap. I'd like to know when it was made

These are AF 8-digit serial numbers. Back in manual focus time after 1973 (MC Rokkor-X time) Minolta would jump or restart serial number I figured, wow: old lens! Written just inside the rear part of the lens. But then I was informed that this is jus the year of the design, not the year it was made Minolta and Konica Minolta released the following lenses for Minolta A-mount cameras between 1985 and 2006. While most auto-focus lens designs were new developments.. The Minolta A-mount camera system was a line of photographic equipment from Minolta. The system used a lens mount called A-mount, with a flange focal distance 44.50 mm. The new mount was larger than the older SR-mount making old manual lenses incompatible with the new system Useful information about Minolta lenses. Minolta Manual Lens Index - Very useful index of any manual Minolta lens ever made. Is it possible to tell the version from the serial or code number on the lens barrel? If not, is there any other way of telling them apart from a photo of the lens Minolta MC ROKKOR PF F/1.4 FAST 58mm manual Lens. You can use this FAST lens with your DSLR, the result is superb! ( with an adapter / on Manual mode ). Very slight scratch mark the front . Safe and secure. Serial number. Made in Japan

This lens is a Highly regarded optic from Minolta because of its great sharpness and very low light sensitivity. Minolta MD. Lens Mount. Serial Number ..lens serial numbers on my new tamron 18-270 and 17-50 lens My Tamron 18-270 has number at bottom side toward tripod hole(when lens is mounted on lens You cannot find the age of Minolta lenses by the serial number, Minolta didn't use serial numbers like that. Some lenses have (c).. He's up to 7000 serial numbers and wants to get to 10000. As an example, here are 2 lenses of mine : MD W.ROKKOR 28mm 1:2 LENS MADE IN JAPAN ø55mm MINOLTA #1204954 MD W.ROKKOR-X 1:2.8 f=24mm MINOLTA LENS MADE IN JAPAN #2205647. So if you own manual focus Minolta.. Konica Minolta's customer service team is here support you from ordering consumables, submitting a meter reading, finding serial number to paying your The serial number is on a sticker with the Konica Minolta 1300 phone number. If your machine doesn't have a document feeder, open the door.. In this video, I review a legendary fast prime lens introduced in 1968, the Minolta MC 58mm f/1.2. I talk about the character as well as the pros and cons..

Buy and sell used Minolta camera lenses at KEH Camera. Save up to 40% off retail price and get a 180-day warranty! Financing options available Investing in a quality lens is an important purchase for any serious photographer. Here's our guide to the top 10 most popular Minolta Lenses for SLRs. Both professional and amateur photographers look for certain qualities in their lenses. Reliably sharp lenses with minimal optic artifacts are the gold.. About using lenses on other mounts, there is the problem of different lens <> focal plane distances in different lenses. In the case of Minolta Rokkor <> Pentax K-mount you can get lucky if you are a tinkerer. In fact the older Rokkkors are easier.. For some added lens resolution test info. on old Minolta lenses, I found this to be quite interesting I am looking to invest in two vintage minolta lenses and I need somme advice. I do only video with my GH3. After reading about Minolta lenses I am still confused as for the impact of what's been said on.. Lens Mount. Serial Number. Focus Type. ■ Minolta AF Zoom Macro 35-105mm f3.5-4.5 Lens Sony A-Mount ■. JAS-IS Sold for as-is for parts or repair

So you cannot use minolta lenses using adapter rings without a corrector glass, that allows you to focus to infinity. EXCEPT!!! for this two ring adapters Step 6: Reassembling the Lens. Reattach the 3 crosstype screws that hold the lock pin of the internal focus ring. Reattach the lateral flat-head screw.. These reviews may provide my personal opinion of the lenses, and give some examples of the types of photos that the lens enables. If you have enjoyed your visit to the site and would like to support the Rokkor Files please consider making a small donation A Minolta Semi II from around 1940 with Coronar Nippon 75mm f/3.5 lens in an everready Patent Nippon Crown shutter. A Minolta Semi model IIIa with Chiyoko Rokkor 75mm f/3.5 lens in Konan-Rapid shutter without flash sync, which was introduced on the IIIb Serial numbers... LucisPictor - www.RetroCamera.de. It's not at all easy to match Soligor serial numbers to certain manufacturers. (It's much easier with Vivitar lenses BTW.) But this seems to be kind of reliable due to intensiev research of some lens enthusiasts at MFLenses (Thanks!


The lens model number is entered by hand, for AFMA. If you are seeing lens serial number in EXIF information of photos taken with Canon gear, it was most likely I don't have the lens handy, so I can't check the actual serial number but EXIFTool on my Mac reports this: ExifTool Version Number : 10.15 Minolta cameras were born from a partnership between German optical engineers and Japanese manufacturing experts. The business was initially established by Kazuo Tashima in 1928 as the Nichi-Doku Shashinki Shoten, roughly translated as the Japan-Germany Camera Company With either the lens' serial number or date code, that question can be answered. Canon has been transitioning to a 10-digit lens serial number (starting in 2008 with the Canon EF-S 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens) and ending the inclusion of a separate manufacturing date code

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Minolta MC and MD lenses are not compatible with Sony alpha mount or E mount DSLRs without the use of an adapter. The adapter used with the Sony There are literally millions of Maxxum lenses hidden away in garages and attics. I've found them at second hand stores on eBay, Craig's List and.. My lens has a six digit number XXXXXX. How can I convert 0000020f30 or extract to get the 6 digit serial number? The 'Internal Serial Number' value returned by Jeffrey's EXIF Viewer was the same value for all three images taken with the same camera and three different lenses

How can I compare the lens serial number from the EXIF of a picture, to the serial on my lens? So, presumably no luck. Also consider that, if you are looking for a way to prove your equipment was stolen by a specific person, at times the exif gets wiped off, dependently on the settings of processing.. OPTICS: 8.5/10 - The lens has traces of fungus and several dust specks inside. It is free of scratches and haze. MECHANICS: 9.5/10 - Focus is smooth but makes a little noise when turned. Minolta MD 50mm 1.2 Lens. Serial Number: 1021448. It comes with: - Aftermarket Front Cap - Rear Cap

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Search stolen gear by serial number. Type a serial number of a stolen match. Example: 75165. List of stolen items by brand. Stolen minolta registry Shop Used Minolta Lenses by Price, Condition & more. Item Note: Slow/sticky aperture; Slight haze within lens; May have other issues; Cosmetic condition is E-. SKU: US 1094971 Konica Minolta's Serial Number Lookup And Meter Reading Online Assistance Is Here To Help You With Identifying Your Products And/Or Help You With Meter & Serial Locator. By The Numbers. Our lives are filled with important numbers that can help satisfy our needs, from a Social Security Number..

35mm SLR Lenses #2. купить куплю в Киев, Украина, Красногорск, Лыткарино, Объектив Рыбий глаз Зенитар 2,8.16 3,5 3.5/8мм 8мм Пеленг Беломо для Rolleiflex, Leica R, Contax, Pentax K, M42 Zenit mount lens MC Peleng 3,5/8 FISH-CIRCU-LAR Lens. Serial Number *** Condition NEW Minolta Lens Compatibility. by Lee (Clarendon, PA). I have a Minolta Maxxum 5 35mm camera and am considering an upgrade to Digital SLR. I have a number of lenses for the Minolta and am wondering if those lenses can be used on a digital SLR. I know Sony took over Minolta so that would..

The lens' manufacturing date can give a rough estimate of how long the lens has been in use for, even if you factor in the shipping and warehouse storage times. In this quick tutorial I will show you exactly how to decode these date codes on older lenses as well as the new serial numbers Lens manufacturing codes. Some older Canon lenses are stamped with a manufacturing code consisting of two letters and (typically) four numbers. A newer lens date code. Note that the codes have become less common on recent lenses, with serial numbers in a different 'xx y zzzzzzz' format

Konica Minolta Lenses. Select a different brand. All lens brands. Here are all of our Konica Minolta lens reviews, listed alphabetically Anyone know if: a - canon puts serial numbers on their lenses? and if so, b - where would the serial number be? Thanks in advance. Just updating my list of serial numbers now that I have swapped some gear and for the life of me I can;t find one on my 24-85USM lens

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Reviews of vintage Minolta MC / MD lenses on Sony NEX. The MD 85 mm f/2 without Rokkor designation was Minolta's last manual focus 85 mm. As the successor of a line of MC 85 mm f/1.7 lenses, the MD is significantly lighter and more compact Generally, all Minolta AF (ie Minolta a-mount) lenses from Minolta will work on Sony alpha cameras. the zoom is actually 35-105 but i can't positively identify it in the list - the number on the lens is 13112905 This mount lens measures no less than 50mm in diameter and it features a 1:1.7 aperture - made in Japan, this lens is volatile enough to work with film cameras and other types of cameras Moreover, the lens can also be easily used to shoot in low light. Konica Minolta AF Zoom 75-300mm Lens

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Minolta manual focus lenses. [ MC Lenses ] [ MD Lenses ] [ Opinions on lenses I own ] [ Test results from magazines ]. These codes simply represent the number of optical elements and groups of which the lens is composed. The first letter represents groups, and the second letter elements.. From the very beginning of Minolta's SLR lenses, you could see a two letter code after the lens designation, for Top row is the first letter and below is corresponding number of groups, third row This numbering continued from the Auto Rokkor and Rokkor lenses over the MC Rokkor to the MC.. All About Photographic Lenses, Modern and Old. Specifications, features, comparison, user reviews, comments, MTF-charts for lens by Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax, Olympus, Sigma, Tamron, Carl Zeiss, etc. Lens mounts: Minolta SR (MD, MC) 0 0 0 Posted by: SharkDD Ive found posts around the internet that the serial number sticker may come off of the lens after a short time. Im wondering whether the serial number of the lens is also attached to it more permanently, like engraved

Gently insert the lens into the mount and turn the lens clockwise until it locks in place with a click. Page 87 For any given f-number and subject distance, an increase in focal length will reduce the depth of field and a decrease in focal length will have 1. LENS All Minolta AF lenses can be used with 7xi LEICA Lens Serial Numbers © 2012 KenRockwell.com. This page best with Corporate S regular and bold activated. It helps me keep adding to this site No two Leica lenses or cameras have the same serial number. If Leica ever almost duplicated a number, the second item had a star added after its.. Sony and Minolta AF lens price guide. Current selling prices for used/new lenses from eBay and internet dealers. I'm going to list all Sony lenses, because they're all available at some point on eBay, most Konica Minolta branded lenses, of which most show up weekly; plus the most popular Minolta.. [ tape the serial number plate ]. [ unscrew it with using lens rear cap ]. [ the Minolta Maxxum AF 50mm and Nikon Series E 50mm ]. My next possible tryout project, to disassemble the Sigma 70-250mm for Nikon Series E. That's if I had a lot of time to spare

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It has a body serial number inside near the feed spool, 119xxx, and lens numbers 816xxx (taking) and 812xxx (viewing), all consistent with each other and with the camera's trim. It didn't last long, I'm not sure how long but in 1964, Yashica released the 16EE using a different cassette system (Minolta type) Minolta created a number of lens lines during its photographic manufacturing period. The early Minolta M43 Lieca mount lens were so well designed that Lieca actually contracted Minolta to produce some of their optics. Minolta also produced lenses for it's short lived 110 SLR Comment: Serial Number: 21908916 It comes with Aftermarket Front Cap, Rear Cap COSMETICS: 8.5/10 - It shows signs of use. Only Minolta Maxxum AF lenses are expressly made to link perfectly with your Minolta Maxxum AF SLR. Every Maxxum AF lens locks into your Minolta camera to form..

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Rokkor lenses are fairly legendary, I know I've enjoyed using the ones on my Minolta rangefinders. The X on Rokkor-X simply indicates that it was Early lenses were coded with letters that indicated the number of groups and elements (a la Nikon). It's interesting to see the changes in lens housing.. Minolta lenses information, completed auction prices, images. Antique, classic and used cameras/lenses price guide. Don't forget to update your personal camera inventory Kodak Retina Serial Numbers. This information appears courtesy of Retina camera specialist David L. Jentz. Please note that the number on the lens is the lens serial number, not the camera serial number. The serial number for the camera models listed on this page will be found on the inside of.. The lens you received has a serial number which has not been issued by Sigma's factory in Japan. This altered serial number has implications for the Sigma one-year international warranty, as well as any extended warranty, since tampering or modifying the product can cause the warranty to be voided

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Initial Minolta 7000's AF lens system comprised of 12 Minolta AF lenses with focal lengths ranging from 24mm to 300mm. The AF 28mm focal length is considered today to be a standard wideangle by an increasing number of photographers especially for those who finds they always has to deal with.. Finally, a distance lens, actually a slight negative diopter lens, was added to the list of accessory The guide number of the flash would be used to determine the correct distance to the subject. General Minolta 16mm accesssories for many of the above cameras. Many of these items are.. Minolta XG-7 or otherwise known as the XG-E in other international markets © E. Magnuson via Wikimedia Commons, Image used under Creative Commons license. Aside from its considerably more compact body and more advanced electronics, the XG-E was also noted for being the first SLR.. The Minolta Alpha 9 (a.k.a. Maxxum 9 or Dynax 9) is arguably the finest professional grade 35mm SLR camera ever made. On June 22, 2012 I sold this camera along with several others to help finance the purchase of a lens for my Mamiya 6. I'm still not sure if I'll regret it because I really loved this camera Hood part number. Related lenses. Minolta AF 24/2.8 new. Part of camera kit. - This data sheet was viewed 6811 times. Compare this lens to. Sony Alpha 16/2.8 Fisheye Minolta AF 16/2.8 Fisheye Sony Alpha 20/2.8 Minolta AF 20/2.8 new Minolta AF 20/2.8 Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 24/2 ZA SSM.. New Nikon lenses are accompanied by an instruction manual. Check that the print details are of high quality with crisp edges as this is often compromised in New Nikon lenses are accompanied by a warranty card. Check carefully for errors in spelling and that the serial number featured matches the..